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18 Slow Fashion YouTube Channels To Help You Dress Better

In the age of ever-changing fashion trends and overconsumption, slowing down your purchases for the sake of the environment can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are more than enough YouTube channels out there to inspire us. We can learn from these people’s stories, but they’re also here to show us that slow fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

After all, the first step towards slow fashion is defining your personal style. Slow fashion is all about buying less quantity and more quantity. But you’ll need to know what are the pieces you’ll want to actually wear for a long time.

But what is slow fashion exactly? What is Slow Fashion, Why is it Important & How to Practice it?

Whenever I’m searching for fashion or lifestyle inspiration I go on YouTube to get new ideas. Today I spent the afternoon looking for channels that focus on slow fashion to help me to shop less and to develop a more minimalistic approach to style.

I’ve found a handful of amazing YouTubers I thought you may enjoy watching as well. So if you don’t know these slow fashion channels yet, make sure to check them out ASAP! Spoiler: they aren’t only super insightful, they also have a great sense of style!

1. Alyssa Beltempo

Alyssa has a radiant personality and a chic, Pinterest-worthy personal style. She’s all about shopping smarter, discovering your personal style, and embracing slow fashion.

Alyssa will teach you how to style the clothes you already have, how to create a capsule wardrobe, and how to approach fashion trends more mindfully.

In this video, Alyssa shows you the secrets of the French aesthetic and gives you tips and tricks on how to implement more Parisian chic into your personal style in a sustainable way.

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2. Audrey Coyne

Audrey Coyne is a fashion enthusiast and a minimalist. She posts new videos every week which will help you discover your unique personal style, free yourself from the clutter in your wardrobe, and do more with less.

You can also learn on her channel how to look good in your clothes, put together a seasonal capsule wardrobe, and shop for quality essentials that’ll last you forever.

In this video, Audrey shares with you her most important dressing rules that every woman should learn: how to choose the perfect bra, how to look good in white, how to look taller, etc.

3. Use Less

Use Less is the channel of Danish style coach, Signe. She wants to inspire women to shop less, choose more quality clothing, and have an overall more minimalistic approach to style.

“Style is not about having a lot of clothes.”

Signe has a cool and minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic that I bet a lot of people admire just as much as I do. All her clothes go well with one another which makes her style so clean and effortless. And as a bonus, she never has to worry about getting dressed in the morning.

Check out Signe’s video about her perfect basic wardrobe. We all have different styles and live different lives so not everyone needs to have these exact same basics. But I always find it helpful to take a peek into other people’s wardrobe and see which items they wear regularly. There are pieces like basic T-shirts that go well with so many other stuff. If there’s something working well for other people that would be a great fit for my wardrobe, I want to know!

4. Sedona Christina

Christie’s YouTube channel is all about intentional living, more specifically: vegan wellness, slow fashion, and being imperfectly zero waste.

As a millennial gal who wants to leave this world better than we found it, quitting fast fashion was an important part of her mission. Now she mainly shops second hand and still manages to look put together all the time.

Besides slow fashion and thrifting inspiration, you can find zero waste tips and vegan recipe ideas on her channel which I also recommend you check out!

In this video, Christy talks about her sustainable fashion journey, and how she was able to quit fast fashion without the money to spend on expensive sustainable clothes.

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5. Jessica Harumi

Jessica is a San Diego-based fashion and lifestyle blogger with an awesome casual minimalist style. She shares her seasonal capsule wardrobes and her best wardrobe staples on her YouTube.

You can learn how to style your wardrobe basics, and how to plan your wardrobe on her channel. And you can also follow Jessica’s life in her weekly vlogs.

I think you’re going to love this video where Jessica shows us that 30 items are more than enough to create 30 completely different outfits!

6. Inspiroue

Cynthia from Inspiroue wants to inspire you to shop consciously and more sustainably. She’s sharing the things she learns about sustainable fashion and hopes to make it less overwhelming for people to make an impact together as consumers.

Her aesthetic is also very minimalistic with a touch of luxury.

She talks about sustainable brands on her channel, Inspiroue, shows you cool outfit ideas, and inspires you to thrift more.

Here she talks about her favorite sustainable fashion brands that are insanely stylish and ethical at the same time.

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7. Daria Andronescu

Daria has more than 10 years of experience as a personal shopper. During the years, she has created her own method to create the perfect wardrobe, called the Wonder Wardrobe.

What sets Daria apart from the other slow fashion Youtube channels is that she encourages people to embrace their unique style instead of wearing only basic clothes.

She can help you dress according to your body type and your skin tone, and she has plenty of different capsule wardrobe ideas for you!

In this video, Daria shows you exactly how you can create a visual guide for your wardrobe. It takes some work, but as a result, putting together outfits is going to be super easy in the future.

8. Kristen Leo

Kristen Leo is an advocate for sustainable living, ethical fashion, and veganism. Actually, it’s thanks to Kristen that you’re reading this post right now because her videos were the reason I started shopping ethically and became vegan.

Kristen makes creative, honest, and insightful videos; and if you don’t follow her yet, you should do it right now!

You’ll learn about greenwashing, consumerism, and how to be a more conscious person in general. She also proves that you can be extremely stylish buying vegan and mostly second-hand clothes.

In this video, Kristen explains why we should all quit fast fashion in five minutes. So if you share this with your fast fashion addict friends, they might even watch it!

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9. Jenny Mustard

Jenny is a Swedish minimalist lifestyle content creator. On her YouTube channel, she discusses feminism, sustainable fashion, modern living, and pop culture.

She is a style icon, and she’s all about living big on a small environmental footprint.

In her videos, Jenny talks about many interesting topics: unrealistic beauty standards, minimalism, styling tips, etc.

Check out this incredibly useful video about dressing according to your body type! Her approach is so much better than the usual advice stylists give!

10. Aime Maggie

Aime Maggie is an intersectional sustainability advocate I just found on YouTube researching this post. She’s a college student with a lovely personality who shares her tips and tricks on how to be more sustainable without spending a lot of time and money.

She makes reaction videos to other sustainability or zero waste-focused videos, she shares DIY/thrift flip projects and sustainability on a budget videos.

These are her favorite affordable sustainable brands, most of which are already in our Sustainable Brand Directory, but I did find out about a few new brands too.

11. Dearly Bethany

Dearly Bethany is a petite style influencer with a curated wardrobe. Even though she’s 5’1, her style tips are helpful for anyone who wants to look more polished and put-together.

You can find a ton of outfit inspiration on her channel, as well as secrets on how to look taller, how to be more stylish, and how to find the perfect fit.

I’ve already learned a ton from this video only. Looking chic isn’t about buying more stuff, it’s about knowing how to style your existing wardrobe!

12. A Small Wardrobe

A Small Wardrobe is a minimalist lifestyle YouTube channel that talks about creating and managing a small wardrobe.

She has only 30-40 items of clothing in her wardrobe which is so curated that she doesn’t have to worry about matching items because everything looks good with each other.

A Small Wardrobe is full of minimalist lifestyle and clothing hacks, and clothing upcycling ideas. 

If you also want to downsize your clothes and have a more curated closet, this video is a must-see!

13. Tiny Acorn

The Tiny Acorn channel is about vintage fashion, thrifting, and style tips. Erica has a gorgeous personal style, a great eye for thrift finds.

On her YouTube channel, she takes you thrifting to various locations, she shares her OOTDs and lookbooks, and you can also get a glimpse of her personal life.

In this video, Erica takes us thrifting with her, and then she shows us the clothes she’d found and how she’d styled them for different occasions.

14. Chloé Kian

Chloé makes videos about veganism, creative living, ethical fashion, and self-love.

Follow along with Chloé’s vlogs, learn more about ethical fashion brands, and find vegan meal ideas on Chloé’s channel.

In this video, she shows us her ethical underwear collection and tells us what to expect from each brand. Underwear is a topic that’s often ignored when it comes to slow fashion, even though it has a huge impact on how we feel throughout the day. So make sure to watch this video and find the perfect intimates brand for you!

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15. Alexa Sunshine83

Alexa Sunshine83 is an experienced thrifter sharing her thrift finds and thrifting tips along the way.

I wouldn’t really consider her a slow fashion Youtuber, but her thrifting and styling tricks, and her thrift flip videos can definitely help you get more wears out of your existing clothes. And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

Check this video to learn how Alexa styles oversized T-shirts and sweaters to look cute and not bulky! Maybe you can try this on that ill-fitting sweater you haven’t worn in a while?

16. Gemary

Gemary has a beautiful, minimalist style and a luxurious-looking curated closet.

Her style videos will help you perfect that simple, minimalist style you’ve always dreamed about. And you might learn some beauty tips and pick up some interior design inspo on the way.

This video is full of life-saving styling tips I believe everyone should learn. She speaks about her experience specifically and her style, but most of these tips are very universal, and you won’t regret knowing about them.

17. Jhánneu

Jhánneu uses her YouTube channel to talk about everything low waste. She’ll help you implement low waste practices into your lifestyle, beauty routine, and wardrobe.

There’s so much to learn on her channel about sustainable fashion and beyond. See how Jhánneu uses simple, minimalist habits to become more sustainable and incorporate them into your own lifestyle and wardrobe!

For example, you can use the slow fashion approach when it comes to your makeup. You shouldn’t keep your makeup for many years, but you can learn to invest in less quantity and more quality, and versatile makeup that actually make you look good!

18. Elena Taber

Elena is a NYC-based content creator who makes videos about travel, sustainable fashion, thrifting, and the misadventures of a 20-something.

She’s super nice and she seems to live that influencer lifestyle we all secretly dream about. Elena also posts videos about thrifting, sustainable fashion brands, and outfit ideas.

In this video, she styles 20 back to school outfits using mostly basic items. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be still in school to appreciate these looks and to try them out yourself!

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