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Fall Outfit Ideas That Aren’t Basic

Fall is a very exciting season in fashion. After all those hot summer days when we all try to survive by putting on just as little clothing as possible finally comes the time when the weather is bearable enough to go outside and wear something other than crop tops, shorts, and sandals.

The season of fall is all about layering: knitwear, blazers, shirts, dresses, light coats, and basically anything you can wear over your outfit. Since the weather changes each day, it’s so hard to guess what’s the right amount of extra warmth to put on. That’s why layers rule because adding or removing an extra layer, or just unbuttoning a cardi can be a lifesaver!

But after a while, fall fashion also becomes boring, and to be honest, it becomes kinda basic too (*cough* ripped skinny jeans *cough*). So here are some ideas for spicing up your fall styling game from some of my favorite sustainable fashion accounts on Instagram!


Image: @taneishakirchner

1. French minimalism

French women always know how to dress. So when in doubt, steal some ideas from them. Basically, it always comes down to quality essentials that fit perfectly.

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Image: @bxldwitch

2. Warm orange

Let’s try another color other than beige! This warm orange pumpkin color is perfect for the season!


Image: @jennymustard

3. The overshirt

The overshirt is a heavier shirt you can wear over light layers. Quite self-explanatory. But it looks extremely stylish and put-together in my opinion.

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Image: @inspiredbyel

4. Cropped & chunky cardigan

Instead of the long, thin cardi, try a shorter and thicker knit this year! Preferably with puffy sleeves and big buttons. They are so in right now!


Image: @alisa.koz

5. Oversized everything

Loose-fitting and oversized clothes have that effortlessly cool vibe. Although, the quality of your clothes is super important here! No, that greasy and torn sweatshirt you’ve been wearing around the house won’t do the trick.


Image: @flowerfrostyle

6. Keeping it comfy

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear comfy clothes, especially in this cozy weather. Just embrace it! If you manage to keep it stylish at the same time, that’s even better!

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Image: @hannicoco_

7. Lingerie + sweater

Let your lingerie or a lacy top peek under your cozy sweater. It looks super sexy, but you still get to stay comfy and warm.

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Image: @millymollymae

8. Leopard print

Leopard print is a staple pattern for fall, and it’s always in style. Even if the standard pattern is not your style, there are so many variations in the print and the color, you might just find one that suits you.


Image: @_thethriftysisters

9. Vintage dress

Vintage dresses can be so festive with their bold prints and colors. Pairing them with modern clothes and accessories makes such an interesting outfit.


Image: @giuliachiri

10. Pastels

If you think pastel colors are only for spring, think again! I love pastel purple sweaters! They make gloomy autumn days so much more enjoyable!


Image: @countercultureliz

11. Sweater vest

I didn’t realize sweater vests can be so cool! But instead of the usual shirt, try to layer a light sweater or a long-sleeve T-shirt under it next time!


Image: @msbeltempo

12. Blazer

We shouldn’t forget about the good old blazer! A turtleneck with a tailored blazer is one of the easiest ways to look more classy this season!


Image: @secondandswish

13. Slip dress + turtleneck

This outfit is so great when you want to wear something simple but pretty. Also, how great this dark sage color is for fall?

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Image: @inspiroue

14. Satin

Satin is perfect if you want to look more luxurious. Unfortunately, it’s either made of silk or polyester which aren’t sustainable or ethical. But you might be able to find vegan silk alternatives that are also eco-friendly. Or just go for second-hand silk which is the best for the planet anyway!

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Image: @useless_dk

15. Accessories

By adding some seasonal accessories you can instantly make your outfit more interesting. Minimalist style doesn’t have to be boring!


Image: @therecreative

16. Expert layering

Ok, probably not many of us own a corset, but if you do, have you thought about layering it over a blouse? Look how awesome it looks!


Image: @100procentsecondhand

17. Double denim

I always appreciate a good denim on denim look, but I especially love this full monochrome outfit! But keep in mind how bad denim is for the environment, and choose second hand when you can!


Image: @fair_friday

18. Off-white

Monochrome black is old news. If you want something just as simple, but less unpredictable, try an off-white outfit next time! It also fits the weather and the color of the sky on gloomy days.


Image: @anjalee.peiris

19. Slip skirt

A slip skirt is the perfect fall date-night look! Depending on the weather you can pair it with sandals, or boots, and a light sweater or a warmer jacket. It’s super easy to style and looks pretty in any case.


Image: @styleand.sustain

20. Boiler suit

Boiler suits are so trendy and edgy. And they are a super easy choice on days when you want to look cool without putting too much thought into your outfit. And if it gets too cold, you can just add a chunky sweater.


Image: @_sarahchuck

21. Wrap dress as a light cardigan

Layering is super important in the fall and winter. How can you make this layering more interesting and also get some extra wears of your summer clothes at the same time, you ask? If you own a wrap dress or wrap top, you can actually wear it as a light cardigan. So creative!


Image: @audreyacoyne

22. Beret

Women who have perfected French style can just put on a beret and look so classy and put-together. This is a skill I still need to master, but I think it’s definitely worth a try!

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Image: @northstyle.ish

23. Patterns

Another way to spice up your outfit for fall is by wearing patterns instead of solid colors. When you have two or three different patterns to match, styling can get a little tricky. The secret is that each pattern has to have a color that appears somewhere else in your outfit as well.


Image: @slowfashionprim

24. Swap jeans for a skirt

I don’t know about you, but I reach for a pair of jeans on most days. To switch things up a little, we should put on a nice skirt more often!


Image: @val_dufois

25. Vintage style

Travel back in time to a decade where clothes were still made to last! Vintage clothes are precious, one-of-a-kind, and they will definitely turn some heads wherever you go!


Image: @chloe.kian

26. Elevated basics

The quality of your clothes is visible from far away. Even if you wear a minimalist, but high-quality outfit, the tailoring, attention to detail, and the thickness of the fabric really show.


Image: @homesanct

27. White T-shirt

I’ve said it before and I say it again, a white T-shirt is great for every occasion, and every season!


Image: @hannilane

28. Classic fall outfit

A tailored camel coat with black jeans and accessories is probably the ultimate fall outfit. It’s a classic for a reason: it’s elegant, it’s versatile, and it looks good on everyone.


Image: @jessica.harumi

29. White jeans

Don’t put your white jeans away just yet! White jeans are one of my favorites for fall and winter. They look so good with the traditional fall colors and they completely change the mood of the outfit compared to black or regular jeans.


Image: @harmfreefashion

30. Shirt + slip dress

Take the best of both masculine and feminine styles and mix and match them for amazing results! Who would’ve thought that a short and a slip dress look so great together!


Image: @thevillagelook

31. Over the knee boots

No, OTK boots aren’t only for winter, you can (and should) start wearing them in the fall. They look so good with miniskirts and short dresses!


Image: @inthelifeofgray

32. Bootcut jeans

Are bootcut jeans the new IT-jeans? They are sleek, elegant, and comfortable. Another 90s trend we’re thrilled to see make a comeback!


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