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How To Nail Parisian Style This Winter (Even If You’re Not French)

So you watched Emily In Paris and even though you feel kind of ashamed you liked it, you now have a burning desire to master that chic, elegant, but also effortlessly cool Parisian style?

I don’t think there’s a problem with being “ringarde” but if you want to have a bit of that “je ne sais quoi” in your style just keep scrolling for some Parisian style inspo for winter.

And you know what? You don’t have to be Frech to give French style a go, in fact, most of the bloggers below aren’t French either. But I bet you couldn’t tell!

Here are 10 outfits and 10 tips for you to try and dress more like a Parisian this winter!


Image: @mathildetroy

1. Oversized Tailored Coat

A nice tailored coat is always an elegant choice when it comes to outerwear. It’s a chic and timeless piece you can wear year after year.

But if you want something extra, go for a more masculine, oversized silhouette, or even an overcoat at the menswear section of your favorite thrift store.


Image: @style.withasmile / @photo.with.heart

2. Classics

Classics are classics for a reason! Because they’re timeless, versatile, and chic! Put on a nice classic suit, a classic coat, and a timeless bag, and you already look more French!

Classic colors like black, navy, and camel never go out of style and they can be worn interchangeably with many different colors.


Image: @christa.maria

3. A-Line Mini Skirt

An A-line mini skirt is a Frech-approved choice if you want to show off your legs. Pair it with a light sweater or cardigan and warm tights to be ready for winter in style.


Image: @aimemaggie

4. Corduroy

After being underrated for years corduroy is coming back! Actually, it was never out of style in French style since it’s such a durable and versatile fabric!

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Image: @empearthy

5. Accessorize With Moderation

The hardest part of mastering the Parisian style, in my opinion, is the way they accessorize. They always know when to add a piece of accessory to their outfit and when to avoid it.

As a rule of thumb, I would say try to limit your accessories to 1-3 pieces including bags, hats, scarves, and jewelry. And even those pieces should be classic, and minimalistic. No statement accessories!

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Image: @secondandswish

6. The 80-20 Rule

Parisian style is all about being classic and minimalistic, right? Well, not exactly. You can wear trends too as long as they aren’t complete opposites to French style. Wear 80 percent timeless pieces and 20 percent trends for a balanced look!

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Image: @taneishakirchner

7. Vintage

French women aren’t opposed to vintage clothing and hand-me-downs from grandma. The clothes grandma wore are still relevant today because Parisian fashion is built on classic, timeless, and most importantly QUALITY pieces.


Image: @audreyacoyne

8. Silk Scarf

The silk scarf (or vegan silk scarf) is the quickest way to make your outfit more French-like. It looks so chic and sophisticated, and it literally takes one minute to add.

Bonus: it’s also an excellent way to keep your neck warm and protected when you have a cold.


Image: @martina_lubian

9. Beret

A beret is such a classic and unique French accessory. And it’s not at all as hard to pull it off as it seems. Definitely give it a try if you want to look more Parisian!


Image: @esosavstheworld

10. Little Black Ensemble

What’s even better than a little black dress? A black turtleneck with a black midi skirt. This way you also have the opportunity to mix and match them with other items from your wardrobe. But pairing them together looks just like a classic black dress. Genius!


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