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25+ Affordable Eco Underwear Brands Making You Feel Sexy And Comfy

Buying good underwear is hard. And finding ones that are also sustainable and affordable seems almost impossible, right? Well, not anymore!

Usually, the most budget-friendly and sustainable option is thrifting. I’m a huge advocate for thrifting, but in the case of lingerie, I prefer buying new. These are the pieces that protect my private parts, so clean, organic, and skin-friendly materials are super important!

I researched the internet for hours (so you don’t have to 😉) to find the 28 best brands to shop conscious intimates on a budget from all around the world.

All the brands mentioned below make underwear that makes you feel sexy. But sexy means very different things for different people! Whether you prefer basics or something more cheeky, neutral tones, or colorful pieces, you’re going to find your perfect underwear brand in this list!



Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: feminine

Categories: underwear, clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, wedding

What to buy: triangle bras

Sustainability & Ethics: carbon offset, transparency, made in the USA

Size inclusivity: US 0-12

Men’s: no

Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation says their intimates are #2.

They aren’t only made with sustainable materials, but they are also very pretty and affordable.

What I like about Reformation is that they manufacture a part of their clothes in the USA, and they offset their carbon emissions by supporting clean energy and planting trees.

Reformation isn’t a perfect company, but they are being transparent about it. You can check on their website where their factories are located and how ethical they are.

Bra prices starting at $32, panties at $14.




Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist

Categories: underwear, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories

What to buy: comfortable basics

Sustainability & Ethics: recycled and sustainable materials, transparency, ethical factories

Size inclusivity: US 000-14

Bra sizes: 30-38, AA-DD

Men’s: yes

Everlane is all about exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency.

The brand makes clothing and intimates that are comfortable and practical. Their price is quite affordable too, so it makes perfect sense to buy your everyday basics from them.

Everlane is constantly working on becoming more sustainable. Using more and more recycled materials and promising to create a plastic-free supply chain by 2021 are just two examples of the many ways Everlane is making sustainable fashion mainstream and attainable.

They are also extremely transparent about their factories. They listed all their contractors on their site with the names of the owners, locations, pictures, and descriptions. It is so impressive, definitely worth a look!

Bra prices starting at $21, panties at $8 ($24 for a 3-pack).


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Location: USA

Price range: $$$

Style: casual

Categories: underwear, clothing

What to buy: period panties

Sustainability & Ethics: ethical factory in Sri Lanka, reduces waste, spreads awareness about women’s health

Size inclusivity: US 00-24 👏

Men’s: no

Thinx underwear is something you don’t realize how much you need until you hear about it! They are panties for your period that absorb all the liquid (4 tampons’ worth) so you don’t have to struggle with pads and tampons anymore. Or you can wear your Thinx period panties in addition to your regular period products as an extra measure of safety.

Thinx underwear costs more than I would normally consider affordable. But if you count how much money you would save every month on pads and tampons, Thinx undies suddenly seem like a great investment!

Of course, like every brand in this list, Thinx manufactures ethically and sustainably.

And finally, a brand that thinks of women of all sizes, Thinx is size-inclusive up to US 24!

Prices starting at $24.70 a pair.



Organic Basics

Location: Denmark

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist

Categories: underwear, clothing, activewear

What to buy: comfy organic basics

Sustainability & Ethics: certified B-corp, made in Europe, sustainable materials

Size inclusivity: US 0-16

Men’s: yes

Organic Basics makes eco-friendly underwear and essentials in Europe.

They are probably my favorite brand on this list. I recently purchased a set of underwear and a set of workout clothes from them, and I love every single piece. Their clothes are super soft and comfy.

The new Organic Basics underwear range is made of Tencel lyocell which is my favorite material (here’s why) and their other stuff is also made with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled plastic.

They produce ethically in certified factories in Europe. You can check them out on their site!

Bra prices starting at $47.10, panties at $38.90 for a 2-pack.


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Location: Australia

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist, colorful

Categories: underwear, clothing, accessories

What to buy: intimates in your favorite color

Sustainability & Ethics: plant dyed bamboo lyocell, ethical production, made in Australia

Size inclusivity: US 2-18

Men’s: no

Hara is a sustainable, ethical, and natural underwear brand. They produce ethically in Australia from plant dyed bamboo fabrics.

Hara intimates will make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, and they come in various pretty colors.

The brand uses lyocell made of bamboo as its main material. Lyocell is my favorite textile (here’s why), and it is perfect for sensitive skin and for the intimate parts of your body.

Hara intimates are manufactured in the brand’s own factory in Australia. They provide fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a good work environment.

Bra prices starting at $32.30, panties at $32.30.




Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: cool, quirky

Categories: underwear, clothing, sleepwear, swimwear, accessories

What to buy: gender-neutral underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: taking a stance for human rights, sustainable materials, supports charity

Size inclusivity: US 0-38 👏👏👏

Men’s: for men, women, and everyone in between 🌈

TomboyX is the ultimate inclusive underwear brand. They don’t want anyone to feel left out no matter where they stand on the gender- and size spectrum.

TomboyX underwear is comfy and it’s designed to make you feel amazing throughout the day. You can choose from many different styles and patterns. You can go for the cool, monochrome, athleisure look, or let your individuality shine with the colorful patterns!

The pieces are made with soft, sustainable materials like modal, or GOTS-certified organic cotton, so you don’t have zo compromise you eco-impact either!

Since TomboyX is a brand that champions human rights, they pay extra attention to their factories being safe, ethical, and sweatshop-free.

Bra prices starting at $32, panties at $18.




Location: Australia

Price range: $

Style: minimalist

Categories: underwear, clothing, activewear, accessories

What to buy: comfy, everyday bras

Sustainability & Ethics: bamboo viscose, OEKO-TEX certified, PETA-approved vegan

Size inclusivity: US 0-14

Bra sizes: 30-40, A-DD

Men’s: yes

Boody focuses on soft and sustainable everyday essentials made of bamboo viscose.

They believe that beauty lies in simplicity, so they want to provide high-quality basics that are made for your everyday lifestyle. Boody underwear is super soft and comfortable, and it is more budget-friendly than most sustainable brands.

The brand mainly uses bamboo viscose. Bamboo has many environmental benefits: it grows quickly, it uses a small amount of water, and it doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers.

Boody underwear is PETA-approved vegan, so it doesn’t contain any material that comes from animals.

I highly recommend Boody for anyone who needs more comfort in their life!

Bra prices starting at $16.95, panties at $11.95.



People Tree

Location: UK

Price range: $$

Style: feminine, casual, colorful

Categories: underwear, clothing, sleepwear, activewear, accessories, jewelry

What to buy: everyday essentials, and cute socks

Sustainability & Ethics: fairtrade, sustainable, transparency, handmade, supports charity

Size inclusivity: US 6-14

Men’s: no

People Tree has a very casual feminine style that I love. They create small collections that are super chic and stylish. The quality of their clothes and their social impact is exceptional.

People Tree only works with garment manufacturers of the highest ethical standards that provide fair wages to their workers. Each of these factories and rural artisan communities is specialized in a certain technique. People Tree is very transparent about its supply chain, you can find all the manufacturers they work with on their website.

Of course, People Tree is also committed to sustainable production. They achieve that with the use of natural materials, organic farming, efficient water use, biodegradable materials, and such.

The People Tree Foundation is a charity that helps small garment workshops in the developing world. Their aim is to create a decent living for the workers, to protect the environment through sustainable practices, to support community projects, and to raise awareness to Fair Trade sustainable fashion in the UK and other developed countries.

People Tree is a pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade fashion since 1991. The brand is proving that ethical fashion is possible without having to compromise on style. It should be a blueprint for other brands to follow.

Bra prices starting at $29, panties at $15.


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Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: comfy, dreamy, colorful

Categories: underwear, clothing, activewear, accessories

What to buy: high-rise panties

Sustainability & Ethics: US-grown organic cotton, natural dyes, made in California

Size inclusivity: US 00-24

Bra sizes: 26-42, AA-M

Men’s: no

The comfy, dreamy, and ethical Pansy underwear is made in California with organic cotton grown in the US.

They come in different gorgeous colors without the use of any toxic dyes. They are designed to make you feel beautiful.

Pansy is all about sustainable, local, and ethical production, and they want to be as transparent as possible. They encourage you to write them an email if there’s something more you need to know about the brand.

Bra prices starting at $48, panties at $39.




Location: Germany

Price range: $$

Style: feminine, minimalist

Categories: underwear, clothing, activewear, swimwear, sleepwear

What to buy: sexy underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: made in Europe, organic and recycled materials, carbon-neutral

Size inclusivity: US 4-16

Bra sizes: A-D

Men’s: yes

Erlich is a German sustainable lingerie brand. They make sexy lace pieces and good quality everyday basics for a reasonable price.

The materials they use (organic cotton, modal, and recycled materials) are just as friendly for your skin as for the environment. Erlich is also carbon-neutral which means they offset their carbon emissions by investing in green energy.

The brand produces in Europe in ethical factories and with German precision. That results in beautiful, long-lasting lingerie pieces that make you feel amazing!

Bralette prices starting at $27, panties at $17.60.


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Bimby + Roy

Location: Australia

Price range: $$

Style: feminine, colorful

Categories: underwear, swimwear

What to buy: underwear you can go swimming in

Sustainability & Ethics: made in Fiji, ethical and solar-powered factory

Size inclusivity: US 2-14

Bra sizes: 28-40, A-G

Men’s: no

The Australian Bimby + Roy creates comfy, stretchy, and soft intimates you can play, sleep, or even swim in.

As I live next to water myself, I love the fact that you can just wear your everyday underwear and decide to go swimming anytime. Bimby + Roy intimates are also very pretty so I wouldn’t mind showing them off on the beach.

They are produced in Fiji island in an ethical factory which is also solar-powered.

Bra prices starting at $42.95, panties at $28.95.




Location: USA

Price range: $

Style: colorful, essentials

Categories: underwear

What to buy: panties in every color of the rainbow

Sustainability & Ethics: recycled fabrics, compostable packaging, supports charity

Size inclusivity: US 0-22

Men’s: no

Parade makes underwear that’s actually fun to wear in supersoft, sustainable fabrics.

Their pieces are colorful, sexy, and comfy, and their prices start as low as $9 for a pair.

Parade mainly uses Re:Play which is an ultra-smooth, recycled fabric that feels like a second skin on your body.

The brand also donates 1% of its revenue to Planned Parenthood to support sexual education of women and men in America.



The Nude Label

Location: Spain

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist

Categories: underwear, swimwear, shoes

What to buy: everyday basics

Sustainability & Ethics: made in Spain, sustainable materials, supports charity

Size inclusivity: US 4-14

Bra sizes: 30-40, A-C

Men’s: yes

The Nude Label makes ethical underwear and swimwear.

Their pieces are very minimalist, relaxed, and comfortable and they are also quite affordable.

The brand puts sustainability and transparency at its core. For the underwear line, they use organic cotton which is made without the use of pesticides and toxic dyes. And their swimwear is made with ECONYL® which is a recycled fabric.

The Nude Label produces locally and ethically in Valencia, Spain in a family-run business.

Perfect for buying your ethical and sustainable everyday basics!

Bra prices starting at $41.20, panties at $17.70.


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Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist, edgy, feminine

Categories: underwear, swimwear

What to buy: seamless nude underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: deadstock fabrics (zero waste collection), empowering single mothers, sustainable printing

Size inclusivity: US 0-16

Bra sizes: 30-40, A-DDD

Men’s: no

The proudly vegan Naja creates eco-friendly, socially-conscious underwear for empowered women.

They have a range of nude underwear that comes in many different sizes and shades that you can layer under everything invisibly. In addition to the basics, Naja also designs lingerie that’s more feminine with lace or edgier with different prints.

A part of the Naja collection, the Zero Waste Collection is made with deadstock fabrics that would have gone to landfill otherwise. Naja also pays attention to the little details such as printing. They use digital printing which produces almost zero water waste. 

The brand also puts a lot of effort into empowering women. Not only do their beautiful lingerie empowers customers to feel their best, but their women workers are also empowered. The majority of Naja employees are single mothers. The brand helps them by providing above market wages with healthcare benefits. Naja also gives jobs to women in slums in Colombia through its Underwear For Hope Program.

Buying Naja underwear is a vote for a better fashion industry and more realistic beauty standards!

The price of the bras starting at $32 and the price of the panties at $12.



Nette Rose

Location: South Africa

Price range: $$$

Style: cheeky, feminine

Categories: underwear

What to buy: sexy underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: handmade in South Africa, sustainably sourced materials, packaging handmade locally by a family business

Size inclusivity: US 2-16

Bra sizes: 30-40, AA-DD

Men’s: no

Nette Rose makes ethical lifestyle intimates for conscious babes.

The brand has a very feminine, cheeky style that I love and probably you love it too if you like to wear sexy underwear on special occasions (or every single day 😄).

Nette Rose intimates are handmade in the brand’s small studio in South Africa by a small group of lovely ladies. They source their fabrics from a sustainable company with no landfill policy. And their gorgeous packaging comes from a local family business.

Nette Rose underwear is for you if you need more ethical luxury in your life!

Their prices are a bit higher than I would go for my intimates: bras starting at $53, panties at $26. But I had to include them because I love their style so much and I wanted to share them with you.



Swedish Stockings

Location: Sweden

Price range: $$$

Style: minimalist, trendy

Categories: tights, socks, clothing

What to buy: recycled hosiery

Sustainability & Ethics: recycled materials, repurposing old tights, zero-waste factories powered by renewable energy

Size inclusivity: US 0-18

Men’s: no

Swedish Stockings is the world’s first sustainable hosiery brand.

They have all the styles you need: basics, polka dots, net, different colors, and even unique prints.

Nylon tights are very unsustainable because they don’t biodegrade. Swedish Stockings has realized the damage hosieries do to the environment and the brand is constantly working on innovations to solve this problem. They make tights from mostly recycled plastics in a factory that doesn’t create any waste and powered by renewable energy. You can also send your old tights to Swedish Stockings and get 10% off of your next order. The brand upcycles these old pieces into sustainable furniture!

Try Swedish Stockings the next time you need a new pair!

Prices starting at $23.60 for a pair of tights.



Uye Surana

Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: artistic, modern, feminine

Categories: underwear, jewelry, sleepwear

What to buy: sexy, size-inclusive underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: handmade in NYC and Colombia, small collections, deadstock fabrics

Size inclusivity: US 0-22

Bra sizes: 28-42, A-H

Men’s: no

Uye Surana lingerie is handmade with an artistic and modern appeal. They are made to maximize comfort and beauty.

The brand makes underwear that’s edgy and sexy with a lot of lace and beautiful prints. They only stock small, limited collections, and always come up with something new to surprise you with.

Uye Surana is committed to sustainability. They source materials locally, and/or from sustainable sources, and a portion of that is reclaimed deadstock fabric. They also try to reduce the amount of textile waste they produce in their studio, and recycle the fabric scraps sustainably.

Uye Surana intimates are handmade in the brand’s New York studio and in a family-run ethical factory in Colombia.

The prices of the bras start at $45, and the panties at $28.



Groceries Apparel

Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: casual, relaxed, minimal

Categories: underwear, clothing, swimwear, activewear, accessories

What to buy: comfy bralettes

Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, 100% organic or recycled materials, Fair Trade

Size inclusivity: US 0-14

Men’s: yes

Groceries Apparel is an LA-based eco-fashion brand. They create the comfiest, most perfect basics you could ask for. Their clothes are manufactured in their own California-based ethical factory. Producing locally enables the brand to lower its carbon footprint while maximizing its quality and efficiency.

They use only the most sustainable and softest organic- or recycled materials: organic cotton, lyocell, recycled plastic, hemp, and recycled cotton. These are perfect if you want your everyday basics to be long-lasting and comfortable.

Groceries Apparel shows an example for the whole fashion industry. They have high standards for themselves which they won’t compromise of. And they’re doing things as perfectly as they can from seed and farming to the finished product and its distribution.

This sustainable brand is all about making high-quality basics which can be great additions to any wardrobe. Their cozy bras are perfect for everyday wear or doing some yoga at home.

Bra prices starting at $39.


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Fruity Booty

Location: UK

Price range: $$

Style: cheeky, feminine, trendy

Categories: underwear, clothing, sleepwear

What to buy: thongs

Sustainability & Ethics: made in Europe, deadstock fabrics

Size inclusivity: US 8-14

Bra sizes: US 32-34, A-F

Men’s: no

The UK-based Fruity Booty makes cheeky and sexy underwear.

Their super delicate pieces are made with deadstock fabrics and even small details like elastics and hardware come from industry leftovers.

The brand produces in three locations: their own small studio in East London, they work with three seamstresses in Nottinghamshire, and in a factory located in Portugal.

If you like your intimates cheeky and trendy, Fruity Booty is your shop!

The prices of bras start at $44 and the panties at $21.




Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist, cool, colorful

Categories: underwear

What to buy: pastel undies

Sustainability & Ethics: local production in NY Garment District, safe and fair working conditions, OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics

Size inclusivity: US 2-18

Bra sizes: 30-38, A-DD

Men’s: no

Jonesy is here to make your undies drawer look cool again with super soft bras and undies made honestly in New York.

The brand focuses on styles that are comfy while still keeping up with current trends. 

Jonesy believes that underwear should be affordable, and it shouldn’t be a luxury. 

They manufacture locally, in the New York Garment District which makes it easier for them to monitor the quality of their products and the safe and fair working conditions of their factory.

For material, the brand uses super soft, OEKO-TEX® certified cotton and modal. Both fabrics are very sustainable and good for your skin!

Prices of bralettes start at $40, and the panties at $20.



Warp + Weft

Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist

Categories: underwear, clothing

What to buy: seamless nude panties

Sustainability & Ethics: own eco-friendly and ethical mill, sustainable fabrics, reduced water use

Size inclusivity: 00-24

Men’s: yes

Warp + Weft makes sustainable denim for every body and everybody. They also sell seamless underwear for you to wear under those sustainable jeans.

What’s great about Warp + Weft panties is that they are completely invisible under your jeans, trousers, or skirt. They are super soft and comfy too. 

The panties are made of modal which is a great sustainable material for underwear.

Warp + Weft is a family-owned business and it operates its own eco-friendly mill. Producing a pair of regular denim jeans uses 1500 gallons (~5700 liters) of water, while Warp + Weft manages to make one pair with only 10 gallons (~40 liters).

A pair of panties costs $12.



Brighton Lace

Location: UK

Price range: $$

Style: vintage-inspired, feminine

Categories: underwear, clothing

What to buy: lace underwear set

Sustainability & Ethics: made in the UK, handmade by a 3-women team, zero-waste packaging

Size inclusivity: US 2-14

Bralettes sizes: A-D cups

Men’s: no

Brighton Lace makes feel-good, ethical lingerie designed to celebrate you. It is produced by an all-women team in Brighton, England.

They source the prettiest sustainable lace possible. Then the small team of three women gets together creates intimates that look like pieces of art. Everyone is paid a fair wage.

A bralette costs $43 and a pair of knickers is $30. Or you can get a set for $64 and up.




Location: Switzerland

Price range: $$

Style: modern, minimalist

Categories: underwear, sleepwear, accessories

What to buy: everyday basics

Sustainability & Ethics: made in Europe, OEKO-TEX® certified, 75% of materials are sourced locally

Size inclusivity: up to US 26

Bra sizes: 32-40, A-F

Men’s: yes

Calida was born in 1941 in Switzerland and creates iconic, modern underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear ever since. Calida is the biggest European underwear brand and it focuses on sustainability since way before it became “cool”.

The intimates the brand makes are super comfy and soft, I own 2 sets myself. They are the perfect everyday basics with a little twist or embellishment to make it more unique.

Sustainability and exceptional quality are the main focus of Calida. They source 75% of their fabrics (mostly cotton and Tencel) locally from Switzerland and neighboring countries. Plus, 80% of the manufacture also takes place in Europe, so they can save a lot of carbon emissions and make sure the quality is up to their Swiss standards.

Prices of bras starting at $25, panties at $15.


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White Rabbit

Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist, feminine

Categories: underwear, sleepwear

What to buy: pretty basics

Sustainability & Ethics: family-owned ethical factory, bamboo rayon, donations

Size inclusivity: US 00-20

Bra sizes: 32-36, A-D

Men’s: no

White Rabbit sells ethically-made and sustainably-sourced underthings for all-day comfort.

They offer a small, but well-designed selection of everyday basics that comes in two colors, blush (pictured above) and black.

The pieces are made of sustainable bamboo rayon and they are manufactured in a family-owned factory in Mexico. The workers receive fair wages and social security.

Prices of bras starting at $45, panties at $17.




Location: USA & New Zealand

Price range:  $$

Style: quirky

Categories: underwear, activewear, swimwear

What to buy: comfy undies with fun prints

Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, minority woman-owned factory, organic cotton

Size inclusivity: US 0-24 👏

Bra sizes: 32-40

Men’s: yes

Thunderpants are the ultimite undies! They are made in Portland, OR with organic cotton for youe cheeky goodness.

The brand makes undies that make you happy to wear them: they are extremely comfy, and they come in various fun prints. Their quality is also exceptional, they last you for many years.

Thunderpants underwear is made with organic cotton which is sourced from India ethically.

The brand manufactures locally in Portland, in a small ethical factory owned by a minority woman.

Bra prices starting at $38, panties at $16.



Wama Underwear

Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist, sporty

Categories: underwear

What to buy: antibacterial hemp underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: made of hemp, Green America Certified Business, PETA-approved vegan

Size inclusivity: US 0-16

Bra sizes: 32-42, AA-E

Men’s: yes

Wama underwear protects your privates naturally. Wama is made of hemp, which is not only the most sustainable textile, but it’s also naturally antibacterial so it’s perfect for intimates.

The brand focuses on creating the perfect underwear. They have all the high-quality basics for you, and they are continuosly working on perfecting them even more.

By using hemp and sustainable production, the brand has been able to save tons of water and energy compared to your average underwear.

Wama manufactures in China because China is the world’s leading hemp producer. The brand makes sure that their factory is up to the highest ethical standards with a team member overseeing the production.

Bra prices starting at $38, panties at $20.



Brook There

Location: USA

Price range: $$

Style: minimal, casual, timeless

Categories: underwear, clothing

What to buy: minimalist lingerie

Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, organic cotton

Size inclusivity: US 0-16

Bra sizes: 32-38, A-D

Men’s: no

Brook There is your go-to American lingerie brand. They believe that wearing clothes shouldn’t reshape you into someone you are not. You are perfect as you are, and you only need clothes for support, warmth, and cover.

Brook There lingerie looks so freakin’ comfortable, yet still sexy. And comfortable underwear is necessary for feeling confident. Brook There’s got your back (and your front if you know what I mean) and their undies are here to support you doing amazing stuff!

And they are made ethically, and sustainably! All Brook There clothes are made in New England and they have put a lot of thought and effort into minimizing their transport and distribution. Their fabric comes from South Carolina, it stops in Pennsylvania for dying and then continues to Massachusetts where the clothes are made.

The brand uses organic cotton as their main fabric because it’s better for your skin and less toxic for the environment than regular cotton.

If you’re in need of comfortable, sustainable underwear, opt for Brook There! You won’t regret it!

Bra prices starting at $48, panties at $28.


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Location: UK

Price range: $$

Style: minimalist

Categories: underwear

What to buy: luxurious everyday underwear

Sustainability & Ethics: TENCEL™ Modal fibers, OEKO-TEX certified, Fair Wear Foundation-approved factories

Size inclusivity: US 10-16

Bra sizes: 32-40, AA-E

Men’s: yes

Sloanie produces today’s luxuries for tomorrow’s world. And their undies are 3x softer than cotton. I don’t know how they measured it, but they use modal which is a very soft material indeed, so I’m going to believe them.

Sloanie pieces are soft, high-quality, and luxurious. They want you to start every day with confidence and comfort, and keep feeling amazing throughout the day.

The brand uses the super soft and sustainable TENCEL™ Modal material that’s made of beech trees grew in sustainable forestries in Austria. Modal uses less land and water than cotton, even organic cotton.

In addition, Sloanie underwear is produced ethically, in factories that are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Bra prices starting at $49.80, panties at $24.90.




Location: Germany

Price range: $$

Style: edgy

Categories: underwear, clothing

What to buy: underwear in trendy prints

Sustainability & Ethics: GOTS-certified organic cotton

Size inclusivity: US 4-14

Men’s: yes

Vatter is a sustainable underwear label based in Munich, Germany. The brand makes organic cotton intimates with attitude and makes organic the new sexy.

Vatter undies are edgy and sexy, and they come in basic colors and also in various trendy prints. I’m so in love with this pastel purple zebra print pictured above on the left. 😍

The brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and produces ethically.

Bra prices starting at $40.20, panties at $21.80.



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