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18 Slow Fashion Brands Manufacturing Clothes In The USA

This list is curated uniquely for our American friends who want to take sustainable- or slow fashion to the next level. I compiled all my favorite, most fashionable brands that consciously create their clothes in the USA.

Buying clothes that are manufactured locally have a much smaller impact on the environment. Transporting clothes all around the world creates a lot of carbon dioxide which can be saved by local production.

You can also support local businesses and help to grow back a once flourishing fashion industry inside the USA.

In addition, American-made clothes are usually of superior quality and they are pretty durable too.

Some of the brands mentioned below are still quite small and sew their clothes in their own small studio. The others can monitor more easily that their factories meet their standards as opposed to the factories that are on the other side of the globe. Sadly, being made in the USA doesn’t guarantee that something is sweatshop-free, there are still tons of underpaid garment workers in America.

The brands mentioned in this list are all ethical, manufactured locally in the USA, and incredibly stylish too!

1. Mate The Label

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $15 – $188
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, organic, fair working environment
For: women, kids

The mission of Mate The Label is to provide women with their favorite essentials that are clean from seed to skin. Harmful toxins and carcinogens are kept out of Mate’s supply chain as the brand only uses organic materials and non-toxic dyes which are much better for the planet and for our skin!

Mate The Label garments are knitted, cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles, everything less than 15 miles from the brand’s head office. This way Mate can support the local economy, reduce emissions from transportation, and supervise the fair working conditions of its factories.

What I love about Mate is that even though they are only making wardrobe basics, their clothes are not boring or unstylish at all! The pieces Mate The Label sells are all on-trend and feature the latest color trends.

Mate clothes are also super comfortable which makes them perfect for work-from-home outfits, lounging, or for anyone who prefers a relaxed, casual style.

2. Dazey LA

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $10 – $850
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, made to order, organic cotton
For: women

Dazey LA is all about empowering women. Their 70s-inspired graphics are loaded with positive messages that are great conversation starters about feminism, mental health, and sustainability. They also sell clothes from other women-owned businesses.

Dazey clothes are designed and made in California, in ethical factories. Because you can’t empower women who buy your clothes and oppress the ones who make them. That just doesn’t work that way!

Their clothes are so colorful, artistic, and positive, they are definitely going to make your day better when you wear them. Also, if their message is something that’s important in your life, by only wearing their clothes, you can create awareness and influence the people around you.

Each piece is made to order, just for you, to embrace a more zero waste way of producing clothes. They’re also made with organic cotton and lots of love!

For everyone who loves bold, colorful clothes with a purpose, Dazey LA is your brand!

3. Christy Dawn

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $8 – $918
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, upcycled and deadstock fabrics
For: women

Christy Dawn is a USA clothing brand that makes beautiful, timeless pieces in Los Angeles. Their clothes fit perfectly in the California aesthetic with a lot of floral dresses and feminine silhouettes. They are truly unique and timeless, it’ll always feel special to wear them and they won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Christy Dawn can be your go-to brand if you like to wear these kinds of dresses on a daily basis. Otherwise, you might also want to keep this brand in mind when you’re looking for the perfect dress for a certain occasion.

The Christy Dawn team is like a big family. They grow together and learn from each other. Every member of the team is featured on their website and it seems like they all love working for the company. You can only create this kind of relationship with your employees if you work with them personally. That’s one of the hidden benefits of local manufacturing.

In addition to all this, the brand is committed to sustainability. Their motto is “honoring mother earth” that they achieve by taking fashion slow and also by using materials such as upcycled fabrics, headstock fabrics, and organic cotton which have a smaller impact on the environment.

4. Vitamin A

Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Price range: $32 – $390
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, recycled and sustainable fabrics, fair working environment
For: women

Vitamin A makes fabulous swimwear from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable clothing. Their luxurious pieces look way more expensive than they actually are, yet they are as sustainable as they need to be!

All Vitamin A swimwear is manufactured in the United States, mostly locally in California.

Vitamin A swimwear and clothing are made in fair factories using only Oeko-Tex Standard certified textiles that are safe for human skin.

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If you’re looking for gorgeous swimwear that’s also kind to our planet, definitely check out Vitamin A!

5. Aurate

Location: New York, NY
Price range: $50 – $5,500
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, recycled gold, ethically-sourced diamonds
For: women

Aurate makes fine jewelry that’s born and raised (designed and crafted) in New York.

The brand focuses on durable materials that withstand everyday wear, transparent and fair pricing, sustainable practices, and giving back. And of course, stunning pieces you’ll want to wear forever.

The gold Aurate uses is 100% recycled that can be repurposed repeatedly without harming the environment. In addition, their diamonds adhere to the Kimberly process which guarantees they are sourced from conflict-free regions and don’t involve human-rights violations.

Sustainability and ethics are extremely important when it comes to jewelry, but there’s something else that Aurate does that will make you feel even more excited: transparent pricing! By avoiding the unnecessary middlemen, import taxes, and insane markups, Aurate has managed to reduce its prices by 50%!

The beautiful Aurate pieces are durable, timeless, and sustainable! Plus, they would make a great gift for any occasion!

6. Envero Jewelry (Etsy)

Location: New York, NY
Price range: $70 – $8,940
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, recycled silver and gold, ethically-sourced gemstones
For: women

Envero is another New York-based jeweler we love! Most Envero jewelry is made to order which means that it might take a little more time to arrive, but they can focus on producing the pieces people want in the right quantities.

Envero jewelry is made with 100% recycled silver or gold, and ethically-sourced gemstones. They use many different gemstones so you have a lot of colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for a less traditional engagement ring, Envero has tons of options to choose from with diamond as the main stone as well as other gemstones.

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7. Back Beat Co.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $14 – $225
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, sustainable fabrics, plastic-free packaging
For: women

Back Beat Co. is based in Los Angeles where they produce most of their clothes. Although they also work with factories in India so they are not 100% American-made.

The brand focuses on wearable, everyday basics that are vintage-inspired yet trendy at the moment. They take inspiration from the California surf ‘n’ skate culture and make clothes that perfectly fit the life and style of effortlessly cool California girls.

What I love about Back Beat Co. clothes is that they are not too basic, they opt for on-trend colors and fits. But their clothes are still versatile enough to be worn in many different ways and they won’t go out of style any time soon either.

Back Beat Co. is also committed to sourcing sustainable, “low-impact” fabrics. Currently, they are working with recycled cotton, hemp, organic cotton, and Tencel.

If you like cool, comfy, and youthful clothing which is also eco-friendly, I highly recommend Back Beat Co!

8. Whimsy + Row

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $12 – $312
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, deadstock fabric, sustainable materials, no water used for making clothes, recycled and recyclable packaging, made in small quantities
For: women

Whimsy + Row is a Los Angeles-based eco-lifestyle brand. They manufacture gorgeous and effortlessly chic clothes that are made to embrace your feminine side. I’m in love with their designs and there’s not a single piece in their collection I wouldn’t wear.

In addition, Whimsy + Row takes sustainability and ethics just as seriously as style. They use only deadstock fabrics that are sourced locally. So they don’t produce any new textile which means they have a much lower environmental impact. They don’t need any water to make their clothes, that’s amazing!

The eco-conscious brand produces its small collections in ethical factories in LA. Whimsy + Row clothes are made with care and are made to last. They retain their shape for a long time and they’re versatile enough to stay in fashion for years.

Whimsy + Row clothes are perfect for date night outfits, parties, and basically everywhere where you want to look and feel your best!

9. Groceries Apparel

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $20 – $148
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, 100% organic or recycled materials, Fair Trade
For: women, men, unisex

Groceries Apparel is another LA-based eco-fashion brand. They create the comfiest, most perfect basics you could ask for. Their clothes are manufactured in their own California-based ethical factory. Producing locally enables the brand to lower its carbon footprint while maximizing its quality and efficiency.

They use only the most sustainable and softest organic- or recycled materials: organic cotton, lyocell, recycled plastic, hemp, and recycled cotton. These are perfect if you want your everyday basics to be long-lasting and comfortable.

Groceries Apparel shows an example for the whole fashion industry. They have high standards for themselves which they won’t compromise of. And they’re doing things as perfectly as they can from seed and farming to the finished product and its distribution.

This sustainable brand is all about making high-quality basics that can be great additions to any wardrobe. Their cozy clothes are also perfect for just chilling or doing some yoga at home.

10. Curator SF

Location: San Francisco, CA
Price range: $58 – $260
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA
For: women

The mission of Curator SF is to create beautiful clothes beautifully. Their gorgeous dresses and apparel are manufactured locally by a handful of local craftsmen they know personally. All of Curator SF garments are manufactured within a 10-minute drive radius of their store. They also work with two family-owned factories in the area: one for knits, and the other for wovens.

Curator SF clothes are timeless, feminine, and are come in various earthy colors. Their dresses are a bit vintage-inspired and they make me want to drop everything, move to the countryside, and grow my own vegetables. But they work equally well with modern styles too.

The San Francisco-based brand also stores accessories and jewelry from like-minded creators. If you’re lucky enough to be living in the area, make sure to check them out and support your local businesses! Otherwise, you can still shop online!

11. Amour Vert

Location: San Francisco, CA
Price range: $38 – $815
Sustainability & Ethics: 97% of products are made in the USA, planting trees, innovative materials,
For: women

Californian Amour Vert is one of my favorite sustainable brands. They have an amazing style, it’s effortless but feminine, and classic, but modern.

Their prices are also much more affordable than most of the other sustainable brands that are made in the USA.

In addition to being stylish and affordable, they also put a lot of effort into being eco-friendly. They use materials such as lyocell, modal, and organic cotton that have a smaller impact on the planet.

Amour Vert also gives back to the environment. They have partnered up with American Forests® and plant a tree in North America for every tee you buy. They have planted more than 300,000 trees so far!

It seems that Amour Vert truly cares about the environment as much as it cares about being fashionable. I could put together my dream sustainable wardrobe from only Amour Vert clothes. Plus they have a range of accessories from other eco-conscious brands so you can buy everything at the same time.

12. Brook There

Location: Fall River, MA
Price range: $28 – $66
Sustainability & Ethics: made in USA, organic cotton
For: women

Brook There is your go-to American lingerie brand. They believe that wearing clothes shouldn’t reshape you into someone you are not. You are perfect as you are, and you only need clothes for support, warmth, and cover.

Brook There lingerie looks so freakin’ comfortable, yet still sexy. And comfortable underwear is necessary for feeling confident. Brook There’s got your back (and your front if you know what I mean) and their undies are here to support you doing amazing stuff!

And they are made ethically, and sustainably! All Brook There clothes are made in New England and they have put a lot of thought and effort into minimizing their transport and distribution. Their fabric comes from South Carolina, it stops in Pennsylvania for dying and then continues to Massachusetts where the clothes are made.

The brand uses organic cotton as its main fabric because it’s better for your skin and less toxic for the environment than regular cotton.

If you’re in need of comfortable, sustainable underwear, opt for Brook There! You won’t regret it!

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13. Hackwith Design House

Location: St. Paul, MN
Price range: $47 – $2,200
Sustainability & Ethics: made in USA, limited-edition designs, made to order
For: women

Hackwith Design House is a Minnesota-based slow fashion brand manufacturing clothes in its local studio. Every single HDH item comes from there so you can be 100% sure it’s made in America.

The brand embraces timeless fashion and versatile designs. They make everyday basics that are super comfy and still very pretty at the same time. They also have a swimwear line with extremely cute pieces.

Hackwith Design creates all their clothing in their in-house studio in St. Paul, Minnesota where they can make sure that the people work in optimal conditions. HDH clothes are either created in small, limited edition collections, or piece-by-piece made to order. It means that even though their clothes might take a little more time to arrive at your doorstep, they are truly one of a kind, and are made with love.

HDH is one of the best American slow fashion brands to buy your comfy and versatile everyday basics from.

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14. Miakoda

Location: New York, NY
Price range: $5 – $158
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, plant-based materials, recycled packaging, zero waste
For: women

Miakoda wants you to feel comfortable in their clothes both physically and mentally. Comfortable physically, well, because they are comfortable. And mentally because you can make sure that you’re wearing clothes which have a positive impact on the world.

The brand only uses the softest and comfiest plant-based materials: organic cotton, bamboo, soy, modal, lyocell. They sew the clothes in some of the best factories in New York in ethical conditions, of course.

I love that they use their fabric waste scraps to make small, zero-waste collections of scrunchies, headbands, and other accessories.

We produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year, so I’m happy that there are brands that are putting conscious effort into reducing these stats.

Miakoda pays attention to all the little details. Even their packaging is recycled.

In addition to a small basic collection, Miakoda also has a range of activewear. Everything they make looks really comfy and high-quality!

15. Svala

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price range: $55 – $298
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, PETA-approved vegan, sustainable materials
For: women

Svala is an LA-based company selling quality vegan handbags. Their products are handmade locally in Los Angeles with premium vegan fabrics sourced from Europe such as Italian PU leather, cork, or Pinatex®.

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Svala was founded by Helga Douglas with the aim of creating beautiful, stylish, and versatile pieces that are also animal-friendly and produced sustainably.

Svala bags are a perfect combination of relaxed LA style and minimalist design, they go well with many different outfits and can be foundational pieces in any wardrobe!

16. Harvest & Mill

Location: Berkeley, CA
Price range: $10 – $195
Sustainability & Ethics: made in USA, organic cotton, natural dyes, compostable fabric and packaging
For: men, women, unisex

The California-based Harvest & Mill focuses on only a couple of modern essential pieces.

They are producing as locally as possible. The organic cotton they use is grown, spun, and knit in the USA. The brand sews the clothes locally within a 20 miles radius of their Berkeley studio. They only use natural dyes and their clothes are compostable! Even their packaging is plastic-free and compostable.

Harvest & Mill doesn’t have a big collection, but what they offer, they do as perfectly as possible. Great for the next time you need to restock on high-quality organic cotton essentials. They offer them both for women and men. They also sell organic cotton socks that look super comfy!

17. The Classic T-Shirt Company

Location: Burbank, CA
Price range: $58 – $130
Sustainability & Ethics: made in USA, organic cotton, fair working environment
For: men, women

The mission of The Classic T-Shirt Company is to provide the most premium and most sustainable wardrobe basics starting with the classic t-shirt. The Californian brand now also sells high-quality sweatshirts and joggers.

Made of premium-quality organic cotton sourced from the best spinning mills, all garments made by The Classic T-Shirt Company are knitted, dyed, cut, and sewn locally in Los Angeles.

The brand partnered with leading factories in Los Angeles that garantue fair wages and excellent working conditions to their workers.

The Classic T-Shirt Company t-shirts are perfected to the point where it’s a joy to slip into them. They are designed to fit well, feel good, and look good on you, and are made of ultra-durable organic cotton that’s soft and comfortable.

18. Elizabeth Suzann

Location: Nashville, TN
Price range: $40 – $365
Sustainability & Ethics: made in the USA, made to order
For: men

Elizabeth Suzann is an American slow fashion brand that focuses on mindful production and consumption. The sustainable brand creates long-lasting everyday basics. Their pieces are classic and elegant, but still fit the lifestyle of modern women.

All Elizabeth Suzann clothes are sewn in their cozy studio in Nashville with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is a brand that truly embraces slow fashion. Their prices might be higher than you used to, but you don’t need to buy that many items! Everything they make is so high-quality and versatile, you can wear them for a long time and with a lot of different outfits.

Huge plus point to Elizabeth Suzan for catering to women of all shapes and sizes from XXS to 4XL! Their cozy silhouettes are a bit oversized and look great an all body types.

If jumpsuits, palazzo pants, comfy jumpsuits, and oversized tops are what you’re most comfortable in, but you also like to look put together and stylish, Elizabeth Suzann has everything you need in store for you. Actually, they don’t have them in-store, because they’re made to order, but you know what I mean.

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