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Vegan Handbags On A Budget (Stylish, No Fast Fashion, Under $100)

Looking for an eco-conscious vegan handbag but cannot really afford to pay $150 or more for one? Or you’re completely new to vegan fashion and you have no idea where to buy your next tote? Or you just want to discover the hottest new cruelty-free brands that don’t compromise on style? You’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for in this post!

I’ve put together a list of vegan leather brands that aren’t only extremely stylish, but also affordable. Even though most fast fashion brands sell vegan bags, I didn’t include them in this list. I only included brands that have similar values to The Pretty Planeteer.

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If you want to buy less fast fashion, but don’t know where to shop instead, this post is going to be great for you too because you’ll get to know a lot of sustainable accessories brands that sell clothes at a similar price you’re used to. So you can ease into shopping sustainably instead of stressing yourself out with $200 purchases at high-end designer brands.

I know I’m going to purchase my next bag from one of these brands, but it’s very hard to choose. I hope by the end of this post you go from zero ideas to having more than enough choices. And hopefully, you’ll be also convinced that vegan fashion can be just as stylish and trendy as non-vegan fashion.

Here are the best vegan bag brands to shop from on a budget:


JW PEI bags look so stylish and high-end you wouldn’t say they cost under $100. In fact, their prices start at $40!

If you’re looking for a trendy statement piece, JW PEI is your go-to brand. These bags were all over New York Fashion Week and they are really unique and eye-catching pieces.

The brand wants to create bags that are accessible, effortless, and empowering. In addition to accessible prices and effortless style, their designs celebrate feminine beauty and want to empower women to be their best selves.

Using sustainable, vegan materials is also one of their core values. Their bags are made with durable vegan PU leather and fabric made of recycled plastic bottles.

JW PEI is the living proof that the future of fashion is vegan!

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Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco is another great example of extremely stylish vegan bags. Their goal is to make luxury more affordable to women with every budget. You can purchase their bags for $60-$110. And these are not only going to get you a couple of compliments, but they are good for your conscience as well. Melie Bianco bags are 100% cruelty-free, ethical, and sustainable.

The brand produces its bags in an ethical factory in China. Their workers receive fair wages, they have breaks and paid vacations, and they don’t employ underage workers.

They also use sustainable PU leather, a cruelty-free alternative to leather. It’s a strong and durable material that is perfect for bags you want to keep for a long time.

If you’re looking for a stylish and trendy bag, that’s also ethical, cruelty-free, and affordable, I highly recommend checking out Melie Bianco!



Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood bags are beautiful, timeless, and minimal. Pixie Mood bags come in a lot of different shapes and sizes to make sure you can find your perfect match that’ll get you through your busy life. They are the perfect minimalist everyday essentials. They have a very similar style to the other Canadian vegan brand, Matt & Nat, but their bags cost half the price. They cost between $57.50-$100 which is an awesome price regarding that Pixie Mood bags are also ethically made and sustainable.

Sustainability is one of the brand’s core values. They make their bags with sustainable materials such as PU leather, cork, and recycled plastic lining. For their packaging, they only use recyclable and compostable materials.

Pixie Mood also manufactures in an ethical factory where the worker’s rights are respected and their safety is guaranteed.

If you’re in need of a minimalist, everyday bag that’ll make you proud every time you look at it, Pixie Mood is your best choice!



Collection & Co

Collection & Co is a UK-based vegan brand that has a range of amazing shoes! But they have a small collection of modern and stylish handbags as well which are all under $100.

Collection & Co goods are designed in the UK and produced in Greece, in a family business with a lot of attention and care.

The brand wants to create shoes and bags that have the look and feel of leather products, but which are cruelty-free and sustainable. They don’t compromise on the aesthetic.

To protect the environment, Collection & Co makes only small quantities in each collection, and they also repurpose the leftover materials from previous collections so nothing goes to landfill.

They also sell other accessories like vegan belts, hats made of upcycled cotton, and trendy sunglasses. Also, their sneakers look awesome! Make sure to check everything out on their site!


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These clean and minimalist FABLOU bags are amazing! They currently have these 3 styles pictured above, all of them are affordable and under $100.

According to FABLOU, you don’t need a lot of different bags for different occasions, you only need one bag that’s versatile enough. And the beautiful FABLOU bags are made exactly for that. You can take them to work, to the gym, or to a brunch with your friends.

They are made of silicone which makes them extremely durable, and also super unique. Because of their special material, FABLOU bags keep their shape (just like those silicone molds you use for cooking), they are resistant to any stain and odor, and their colors never fade!

This bag is truly a minimalist’s best friend!



Wanderer Wanderer

Wanderer Wanderer was born with the purpose of contributing beauty to the world, while maintaining the world we live in.

I fell in love with the simple beauty and ethics of Wanderer Wanderer. The brand has the loveliest small collection of vegan leather goods such as handbags, laptop sleeves, and makeup/travel pouches. They were all created with the purpose of keeping the beauty of leather items without the cruelty involved in their manufacturing.

Wanderer Wanderer makes sure that no animal was harmed in the production of their bags. They are very simple, beautiful, unique, and they are all affordable. Wanderer Wanderer bags are a perfect choice for modern women who want to stay stylish but don’t want to hurt living beings in the name of fashion.




Femni is another vegan brand from the UK, and their bags are so freakin’ stylish. Their bags cost anywhere between $40 and $100 but they look so high-end you would think they’re at least 5 times more expensive.

But they aren’t because Femni is committed to selling high-quality vegan goods at an affordable price. Femni bags are edgy, on-trend, and cruelty-free. They are the perfect vegan accessories to complete any look. Whether you like more classic styles or statement pieces, you’re going to find both at the London-based Femni. But I can guarantee, it’s going to be hard to choose which one to get because they all look amazing!

They are made of high-quality PU leather which is very durable and long-lasting. The only problem with Femni bags that they’re going to make your friends jealous. But don’t worry, the worst-case scenario is that they also have to buy one for themselves.

Being a vegan advocate has never been this easy and fashionable. And by supporting this brand you also support a future that’s more ethical and sustainable!




Plexida is actually a knitwear brand so it’s not 100% vegan. But their dreamy raffia crochet bags are! Raffia bags are great for the summer and they are so stylish and affordable.

The brand sells on Etsy, so everything is handmade and comes from a small business. I love the beautiful details of crochet bags, but I also like to be sure that they are produced ethically. Plexida goods are hand-made in Greece in their small studio. And they are all about quality and attention to detail.

If you love this boho-minimalist aesthetic, Plexida crochet bags are the perfect summer essentials for you! Of course, raffia is a natural material, so they are super sustainable too! These bags really check all the boxes!



The Lovely Things

The Lovely Things focuses on vegan goods that are kind to animals and to our planet. They are also committed to keeping their prices low to enable more people to purchase beautifully designed vegan accessories.

The brand doesn’t only care for the animals, they’re also interested in the people who make their goods. 80% of their lovely bags are handmade in Hongkong, and the other 20% is manufactured in a certified ethical factory in Guangzhou.

What makes The Lovely Things even more special is that they use only sustainable, natural materials: cork and pinatex. Cork is a very lightweight, water repellent material made of wood which is surprisingly suitable for bags. And pinatex is made of pineapple leaves which is the byproduct of pineapple farming so it has no additional impact on the environment. Both materials are vegan staples and they have a very unique, modern look.

The Lovely Things bags are great conversation starters on vegan and sustainable fashion.


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GoodMoodMoon is another Etsy shop that sells beautifully designed, handmade vegan leather bags and accessories. They love to come up with unique designs and color combinations. And they also love animals. That’s why GoodMoodMoon donates 5% of its profit to animal shelters.

By purchasing a GoodMoodMoon bag you support a more cruelty-free future, homeless animals, and you also support the makers: July and Alex.

These bags are perfect for people who love creative designs and a splash of color for an affordable price! They come in a lot of color variations that you can mix and match so everyone can find their favorite combo.

I’m in love with their Stella tote bag (pictured in the middle) which looks absolutely high-end and luxurious!



Dose of Details

Dose of Details is a New York-based brand founded by a mother and daughter duo. Its mission is to offer premium vegan bags at a reasonable price. All of their bags look very high-end yet they cost under $100.

They work directly with the factories based in the USA and in China to cut the costs and to make sure to only work with factories of the highest standard (SA8000 certified). They also opted out of delivering their items in branded packaging to save on the costs and to lower the environmental impact of the packaging.

Dose of Details is a great brand for women who are committed to vegan fashion but don’t want to compromise on style. The only problem is that it’s too difficult to only choose one bag from their collection. They all look so amazing!




Kula is a new and innovative vegan brand that creates bags made of a material called Texon Vogue. Texon Vogue is a durable and washable paper. Yes, paper, you read it right! This paper material is certified by Forestry Stewardship Council and also by Oeko-Tex. These certifications ensure that the material was sourced from responsibly managed forests and that no harmful substances were used in the production.

The brand is committed to vegan fashion, and they are ready to make the fashion industry more environmentally-friendly and ethical!

Kula bags are so cool and unique. And they are great for school or even for work. And they are super affordable too! At the moment kula bags are priced at around £30 which is the equivalent of $37.5!


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GRIGI Bag is another vegan Etsy shop you must know about. I’m in love with the braided details and the soft, luxurious vegan suede. I also love that GRIGI bags are quite affordable, most of them don’t cost more than $100!

The bags are handmade in Italy and they are of high-quality. They use high-quality vegan leather and some of their materials are recycled from the industry.

They also sell small vegan leather goods and accessories for men and women. They all look very stylish and beautiful.

GRIGI bags are perfect for day or night, for special occasions, and for casual wear. This is a purchase you won’t regret! And as a bonus, you get to support a small business!




I have to admit, not all Moénn bags are under $100, but some of them are, and the others are around that price point too. But I had to include this brand in this list because I just love their minimalist designs.

Moénn bags are created to last a long time. They are timeless quality pieces that you can wear for years because they never go out of style.

They are also created with sustainability and ethics in mind. Moénn only uses high-quality vegan materials, and only work with factories of the highest standard (SA8000) that have experience with luxury fashion.

Moénn bags are luxurious, but that doesn’t show on the price tag. You can also have some everyday luxury in your life on a budget!



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