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10 Date Night Outfit Ideas To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Did you plan something special to do at home or maybe going out somewhere? Doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not, you can make this a special day anyway. And on a special day, we dress up!

I always feel like I have nothing to wear, especially when it comes to special occasions and date night outfits, and dressing up for cold weather. But after taking a second look at the clothes I already have in my closet I always manage to find a new combination I haven’t tried before.

So that’s what I encourage you to do as well, find some inspiration here, and then try to recreate that look with the clothes you already own. You don’t need to go out and buy a new set of clothes for Valentine’s Day!

Here are 10 outfits you could wear on Valentine’s Day or on a date night!

*The pictures in this post are from sustainable influencers. Follow them on Instagram for more inspiration!

Photo: @styleand.sustain

1. Midi Skirts

You know I’m a huge fan of midi skirts at the moment. Yes, mini skirts are fine, but midis are much more trendy and effortless. If you have a midi skirt you haven’t worn in a while, why not give it another try?


Photo: @therecreative

2. Sage, Mint, Pistachio

Hues of green are still in, and I couldn’t be happier for them. These pastel greens look good on so many different people. Yes, I know, the official Valentine’s Day colors are pink and red. But green is much more interesting!


Photo: @penelope.fh

3. Lilac

If you want a color that’s a little bit more “romantic” than green, go for lilac this year! Less intense than red, less “girly” than pink, just perfect!


Photo: @audreyacoyne

4. Silky Blouse + Jeans

A fancy blouse can instantly transform your casual outfit into something more romantic and feminine. If you own a silky blouse, try wearing it with a pair of jeans for date night! It’s super easy, comfortable, and stylish at the same time.

While you’re already here hunting for styling tips and tricks, check out our favorite slow fashion YouTube channels that will help you dress better.


Photo: @jessica.harumi

5. Camisole

A camisole is a wardrobe basic most of us already own. You can wear it more dressed up, or as casual as you like. It works with many different outfits. For Valentine’s Day this year, you can try styling it with other minimalist essentials and your favorite fine jewelry pieces for a simple yet elegant look.


Photo: @uncomplicatedspaces

6. Long Dress + Doc Martens

For an edgier date night outfit try mixing something feminine like a long floral dress with something badass like a pair of Doc Martens boots. This outfit is probably my favorite from this list because it lets you show both your stronger and softer sides and, let’s be realistic here, it’s also super practical if you plan to go out in the rain or snow.


Photo: @style.withasmile / @photo.with.heart

7. Suit + Lace

Have you ever tried dressing down your suits for more casual occasions? One pretty easy way to do that is by wearing a lace top underneath it instead of a shirt or a blouse. It’s a very easy swap that looks amazing every single time!


Photo: @anjalee.peiris

8. Floral Print Dress

A flower print dress is a classic wardrobe staple many women own. It’s something you can rewear all the time for dates as well as for weddings, and basically all spring-summer-long. If you don’t own a floral dress, but suddenly you feel an urge to invest in one, just know that there’s an abundance of them you can buy second-hand!

Photo: @thevillagelook

9. Animal Prints

Animal prints are also great for adding a little more interest to your Valentine’s Day outfit. Animal prints are always in style in one way or another, and I bet you already have at least one piece of clothing with animal print in your closet. Personally, I love wearing my zebra top whenever I want to feel a little more fun and energetic, especially for parties and date nights.


Photo: @secondandswish

10. Jumpsuit

Man, I love a good jumpsuit! In my opinion, jumpsuits look just as cute as (or even cuter than) dresses. But in a jumpsuit, I feel ten times more comfortable! That’s why I love to wear them on dates for an effortlessly cool look.

What is your favorite date night outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

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