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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage

by World of Worn

Pre-owned is becoming loved once again with consumers turning towards vintage options. Vintage clothing trends can be seen to be making an impact, becoming a fashion statement, and increasing in popularity. It’s no longer uncool to wear retro, in fact, it’s the opposite and large fashion retailers are cottoning on in an attempt to replicate the look.

Although vintage clothing is vintage for a reason, and in order to be classed as such, clothing has to earn this right with age; vintage pieces can tend to be 20 years old or more.

So, where do you start with buying vintage clothing? What are the best items out there and where do you purchase legitimate clothing from? World of Worn, experts in taking used clothing in a sustainable direction, share their insights to create the ultimate guide to buying vintage.

Where to Shop for Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing stores can be seen to be popping up in more places and online vintage clothing retailers can also be a great way to shop. Alternative platforms such as eBay & Depop will have vintage clothing listed, although you don’t get the guarantee that dedicated vintage brands provide. For the best range of clothing, trust the professionals and search through their specially selected items.

Be Prepared to Search & Scroll

One of the beautiful things about searching for vintage items of clothing is sifting through the rails (or website pages depending on your chosen method). Whichever way you choose, get stuck in and enjoy the hunt for that perfect piece of clothing, it’s all part of the process.

Try Before You Buy

Vintage clothing with its age can have a slightly different fit to that of a size in the present day. With this in mind, where possible it’s well worth trying on the item in-store or recording the measurements of a different piece of clothing that fits you well. This will help to avoid the dreaded disappointment of finding your dream retro item and realising it’s not quite right. If you don’t have a vintage clothing store close by, online vintage retailers typically offer returns and refunds, just be sure to check their policy.

Keep Your Vintage Clothing in Mint Condition

Vintage clothing classics withstand the test of time and for this to happen, items need to be well looked after. There are a variety of ways you can keep your clothing in good nick; wash your clothing at the correct temperature or even better on low heat, try air hanging your clothing if it’s only been worn once, and spot wash if it’s just a small amount of dirt. Keep the sustainable vintage cycle going by caring for your clothing.

Shop Sustainably with Vintage Clothing

World of Worn is a family-run, sustainable vintage fashion brand striving to slow down the pace of fast fashion. Stocking high-end brands and one-off vintage wonders, they have a diverse range of men’s and women’s clothing available on their online store. Keep your eyes peeled for their regular weekly drops on their Instagram.

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