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24 Essential Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men

When it comes to clothing, men, in general, are already much more sustainable than women. They buy the clothes they actually need and wear them as long as they can. So good job, guys!

In my opinion, men’s clothes are often higher quality and they’re made to last longer than womenswear. However, there’s still a huge difference between fast fashion and ethical clothing in terms of both quality and durability. Fast fashion clothes tend to stretch out and fade a lot more over time. While sustainable items are pricier, they have better tailoring, they’re made with a thicker fabric, and they’re designed to look good on you for years!

It’s always a good idea to calculate the potential Cost Per Wear (CPW) of your purchases.

So whether you’re looking for companies that make a difference in the world, use sustainable practices, eco-friendly fabrics, and pay their workers fairly, or you want to invest in stylish, high-quality clothes, these are the top brands I recommend you check out first!

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1. Organic Basics

Organic Basics makes, you guessed it, everyday basics with organic materials such as organic cotton and lyocell. They recently started using recycled nylon in their activewear line which is great for absorbing sweat, reducing odor, and regulating temperature.

The Organic Basics menswear line features underwear, socks, T-shirts, shirts, and accessories such as scarves and beanies.

T-shirt prices starting at $39.

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2. The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Classic T-Shirt Company makes premium T-shirts from super soft organic cotton. The cotton is grown and the T-shirts are manufactured in the USA, in California. If you’re the “only wears one T-shirt” kinda guy, definitely look into this brand!

Their T-shirts are luxurious, stylish, durable, and have a better impact on the environment!

T-shirt prices starting at $48.


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3. Kotn

Kotn is on a mission to change how things are made. Their products are better for the people and for the environment.

Kotn’s aesthetic is casual, minimalist, and on-trend. The brand makes all your everyday basics: tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, knitwear, jackets, and accessories.

T-shirt prices starting at $28.


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4. Know The Origin

Know The Origin isn’t only an ethical fashion brand, it’s also an online retailer for multiple conscious brands. So if you’re new to this scene, the Know The Origin website is a great place to start to try out multiple brands at once.

Know The Origin T-shirts and sweatshirts are Fairtrade certified, and they’re made ethically with organic cotton.

T-shirt prices starting at $29.


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5. Votch

Votch is a minimalist, Peta-approved vegan watch company. The brand works with the highest quality vegan materials proving there’s no need to harm animals for fashion.

The stylish and polished design makes Votch watches the perfect everyday accessory for men.

Watch prices starting at $156.


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6. Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft makes sustainable trousers, jeans, and denim jackets in its high-tech, family-owned eco-friendly factory. They provide premium quality and a perfect fit for an affordable price.

Warp + Weft clothes are stylish, comfortable, and durable. They’re also super sustainable and produced ethically by fairly-payed workers.

Jeans prices starting at $74.


7. Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans’ mission is to reform the denim industry and make it fully circular.

It starts with high-quality organic cotton and a locally manufactured pair of jeans. You can buy it, or lease it on a monthly subscription. When you’re done with your jeans, just send it back (even if you’ve purchased it), the brand will repair it and upcycle it into vintage jeans. When the vintage jeans are also used up, Mud Jeans will recycle the raw materials into new denim, and the cycle starts again.

Jeans prices starting at $140.
Lease jeans from $11.70/month.


8. Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill makes non-toxic clothes, using organic cotton that’s grown and sewn 100% in the USA. By supporting American production, the brand is working towards rebuilding the supply chain based on ecological and ethical values.

By using natural dyes, the clothes are more friendly for your skin and have a lower impact on the environment.

Harvest & Mill stocks T-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, and socks in black, white, and undyed.

T-shirt prices starting at $46 or $82 for a 2-pack.


9. Everlane

Everlane has a huge selection of stylish, on-trend, and sustainable men’s clothing.

The brand sources only the finest materials, produces at the most ethical factories around the world, and designs clothes to last at an affordable price.

They’re also super transparent about the pricing of their clothes and use a much lower markup than the industry average.

T-shirt prices starting at $17 or $42 for a 3-pack.


10. Veja

Veja is a sustainable and ethical sneaker brand. Veja sneakers are very popular at the moment, I bet its signature V logo is already familiar to you.

The sneaker brand focuses on ethical production and it has also many vegan sneakers made with innovative and cruelty-free materials such as corn leather and recycled plastic.

Sneaker prices starting at $100.


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11. Iron Roots

Iron Roots makes microplastic-free sportswear. Did you know that more than 90% of all activewear contains polyester or other kinds of plastics? Polyester and other synthetic clothes take hundreds of years to decompose, and they release microplastics into our waters at every wash which is toxic for the environment.

Iron Roots athletic apparel is made of natural materials like eucalyptus and hemp, and organic cotton which are much more eco-friendly and skin-friendly than synthetic activewear.

T-shirt prices starting at $40.


12. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a Canadian brand that produces premium quality vegan bags, footwear, and accessories.

Their bags are made of PU leather which is a more durable and higher-quality vegan leather alternative than PVC. And all the linings in the bags are recycled polyester.

Quality paired with timeless design means you’ll be able to wear your Matt & Nat bag for many years to come.

Bag prices starting at $110.
Footwear prices starting at $95.


13. Armedangels

Armedangels is a German ethical and sustainable fashion brand. Their clothes have a casual aesthetic that’s similar to fast fashion.

However, Armedangels clothes are more superior in quality and in the positive impact the brand has on the environment and on garment workers’ lives.

Armedangels only uses sustainable materials for premium and long-lasting quality, and they create products with the highest respect for humans and the environment. And they’re quite affordable too!

T-shirt prices starting at $25.


14. Pangaia

Pangaia is a materials science company on a mission to save the environment. They’re a collective of scientists, technologists, and designers who use innovative tech and bio-engineered materials to create solutions to fashion’s environmental problems.

Pangaia clothes are super eco-friendly and high-quality, and innovative. The brand uses bio-based, recycled fibers, and materials made from recycled plastic dyed with natural botanical dyes.

The brand makes T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and shorts in any color you can imagine. And they look amazing!

T-shirt prices starting at $55.


15. Asos Responsible Edit

In the Responsible Edit on Asos, you can find the retailer’s most eco-friendly options.

Okay, these probably aren’t the most sustainable and highest quality clothes you can find out there, but at least they are made with recycled plastic or organic cotton. And sometimes there are actual sustainable brands featured in this edit.

The Responsible Edit is a super-easy way for Asos shoppers to dip their toes into the world of eco-fashion.

T-shirt prices starting at $6.


16. Levi’s

Levi’s was once one of the biggest polluters in the fashion industry. Today, the brand is working on reducing its impact on the environment and implementing more sustainable practices.

For the best quality and eco-impact, make sure to choose from the items with the little “sustainable” tag. Or, even better, purchase a pair of second-hand jeans!

Jeans prices starting at $60.
Second-hand jeans prices starting at $36.



17. Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel is another great sustainable brand for buying the perfect T-shirt. The brand only uses organic or recycled materials and manufactures in California.

Groceries Apparel supports family farms, Fairtrade production, and pays a living wage to the people who make their clothes.

T-shirt prices starting at $36.


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18. Outerknown

Outerknown clothes are comfortable, practical, durable, and sustainable. Their mission is to inspire the industry to reimagine design and embrace circularity.

In addition to being sustainable, the brand also contributes to its 5K employees’ livelihoods through Fair Trade USA by providing fair wages and safe working conditions.

T-shirt prices starting at $40.


19. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thoughts products have a smaller than average impact on the environment, they support communities in need, and they are changing the narrative of ethical standards within the fashion industry.

Threads 4 Thought clothes are comfy and casual everyday basics, but they also offer an activewear line made entirely with recycled materials.

T-shirt prices starting at $28.


20. Nordgreen

Nordgreen is a Danish watch company that focuses on timeless, minimalist design, and sustainable manufacturing.

Nordgreen watches are adapted to your daily routine and they’re as versatile as you need them to be for every occasion.

Through its Giving Back Program, the brand partners up with NGOs to support urgent global causes such as providing education and healthy meals to people in need, sourcing drinking water in Africa, and protecting the rainforests.

Watch prices starting at $169.


21. HundHund

HundHund is a Berlin-based indie label crafting clothes with an environmental and social focus.

The brand works with small European mills to create eco-friendly fabrics and repurchases leftover fabrics from luxury brands.

What’s refreshing about HundHUnd is that its style is more alternative compared to the very minimalist clothing you can find at all other sustainable brands.

T-shirt prices starting at $46.


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22. H&M Conscious Collection

The H&M Conscious Collection is a big improvement compared to the brand’s main line. Fast fashion brands usually blend their fabrics with polyester so they can reduce the price of their clothes. But it also means reduced quality.

The Conscious Collection uses less polyester and more natural or recycled materials and has better quality overall.

Shirt prices starting at $25.


23. Mejuri

Mejuri is an ethical jewelry brand trying to make fine jewelry attainable for more people with a lower than the industry average markup.

The brand believes in ethical production, high-quality and durable materials, and fair pricing.

Men’s jewelry prices starting at $60.


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24. Katharine Hamnett

Katharine Hamnett is a British luxury designer committed to ethical and sustainable production. The brand believes in quality over quantity and makes durable clothing for men and women.

Katharine Hamnett’s clothes are made ethically in Italy using high-quality sustainable fabrics, and exceptional attention to detail.

T-shirt prices starting at $55.


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