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Top Sustainable Fashion Brands to Buy in 2019

New to sustainable fashion and don’t know where to start? Or looking for some inspiration to switch up your style? I got your back! Here are my favorite sustainable fashion brands that don’t compromise on style, ethics, and environmental impact.

*The marked links are affiliate links which means that I get a small commission for purchases made through them without any additional cost to you.

Bobobark by Laflore*

Bobobark is one of my favorite brands I discovered this year. I love wearing backpacks because of their practicality, but sadly, they don’t go well with every outfit. Bobobark is a multifunctional bag that can be transformed into a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a briefcase. It is designed to be practical and stylish at the same time, perfect for every occasion and outfit.

The Parisian father-daughter designer duo, Elie and Natacha, has created the bag keeping today’s busy women in mind. The handmade designer piece is the impeccable combination of ethics and aesthetics. It is made with premium cork skin which is as soft, resistant, and durable as leather, but 3 times lighter. This high-end material is not only innovative and beautiful but also completely organic and ethical!

If you agree that Bobobark is the most amazing bag you’ve ever seen, don’t hesitate to support their Indiegogo campaign and benefit from the early bird deals!

women | bags | $$$$ | vegan

Urbankissed (5% discount code: ThePrettyPlaneteer)

Urbankissed is a Swiss-based online marketplace for slow and ethical fashion. They sell beautifully curated sustainable brands from all around the world all in one place.

Urbankissed provides a platform for artisans to sell their unique goods and to be seen by a larger audience. But they also want to help customers discover new, upcoming slow fashion brands on their carefully curated website. The Urbankissed online shop is loaded with stylish clothing, accessories, beauty products, and homeware with a sexy, Mediterranean vibe.

It’s a win-win for both the artisans who want to share their stories and promote their ethical collections and the sustainable fashionistas who are always on the hunt for stylish clothing that has a positive impact on the planet.

I love the concept behind Urbankissed and the gorgeous collections they stock. The brands are from different parts of the world and sometimes they use different traditional methods. looking at their clothes makes me want to pack my bag, visit these different destinations and learn more about their culture.

If you love to travel, wear uniquely stylish clothes, and support brands who make a difference in the world, I’m sure you’d find something you like at Urbankissed.

They let you browse by destination or by ethical standards, and find you cool brands to shop from. Unfortunately, not all brands are vegan, so make sure you check the product details!

women, men | clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, activewear, underwear, swimwear | $$ | 5% discount code: ThePrettyPlaneteer

Stella McCartney sustainable fashion brand

Stella McCartney*

You’ve probably heard of Stella McCartney before. But did you know that they are also sustainable and vegan? Their use of innovative materials and environmentally-friendly practices sets an example to all luxury fashion brands!

women, men, kids | clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, activewear | $$$$$ | vegan

Patagonia Sustainable Activewear Brand


Patagonia is a pioneer in sustainable clothing and recycled materials. For more than 30 years they’ve been manufacturing activewear that is practical and comfortable while reducing their environmental impact as much as possible.

women, men, kids | activewear | $$


Reformation is one of the most stylish sustainable fashion brands to shop in 2019. This ethical brand is the queen of dreamy dresses locally manufactured in LA. Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. They’re #2!

women | clothing, accessories, underwear, wedding | $$


Everlane is the dream brand of every minimalist who likes to wear high-quality, comfortable, and simple clothes. They are transparent about their prices and they always listen to their customers’ needs.

women, men | clothing, shoes, accessories, underwear | $

Mara Hoffman Sustainable Fashion Brand

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman started the transition to sustainable fashion only a few years ago but they are definitely on the brands radar for 2019. I admire them for realizing they needed to evolve and for keeping on improving since then.

women | clothing, swimwear | $$$$$

Matt & Nat Sustainable Vegan Leather Brand

Matt & Nat*

Matt & Nat is the most popular vegan leather brand. For endless options of trendy, minimalist bags, check out their website! If circular bags, bucket bags, or belt bags are your jam, you won’t be disappointed!

women, men | bags, shoes, accessories | $$$ | vegan


TheRealReal is an online luxury consignment store where you can find second-hand designer shoes and bags for under $100! Who says you can’t look like a million bucks while saving the planet?

women, men, kids | clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, swimwear | $$ | second-hand

Veja sustainable sneakers brand


Veja is making eco-conscious sneakers since 2005. They have a wide range of vegan shoes so you don’t have to wear dead animals’ skin on your feet! Yaay!

women, men, kids | sneakers | $$

Filippa K sustainable fashion brand

Filippa K

Do you know a fashion brand that gives you 10 years guarantee on your purchases? Or where you can lease the clothes for 20% of the retail price? Now you do! The Scandinavian Filippa K offers both of these and so much more!

women, men | clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, activewear, swimwear | $$$

Rothy's sustainable recycled plastic shoe brand


Rothy’s flats are pretty, comfy and are made of recycled plastic bottles. What else do you need? That Princess Meghan wore them? Oh wait, she did!

women, kids | shoes | $$$

Nudie Jeans suatianable deinm brand

Nudie Jeans

Jeans production uses a lot of water and energy, therefore, jeans are always unsustainable. Are you sure? Nudie Jeans have four words for you: FREE REPAIRS FOR LIFE!

women, men, kids | jeans, clothing, underwear, accessories | $$

Hackwith Design House sustainable fashion brand

Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House is another sustainable fashion gem. Their designs can be worn multiple different ways so you can wear them according to your mood or the latest trends FOREVER!

women | clothing, swimwear, underwear, accessories | $$$

People Tree

People Tree is a pioneer in sustainable fashion. Their products are Fair Trade, ethical, sustainable, high-quality, stylish, and everything else you need!

women | clothing, shoes, activewear, underwear, accessories | $$

31bits sustainable accessory brand

31 Bits

31 Bits works with artisans all around the globe to provide job opportunities in rural areas and create beautiful, trendy accessories.

women, kids | bags, accessories | $$

Elizabeth Suzann sustainable fashion brand

Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth Suzann makes long-lasting, comfortable, and elegant everyday essentials locally in Nashville. They promote slow fashion and mindful consumption.

women | clothing | $$$


Armedangels is probably the best sustainable fashion brand. They are affordable, their style is not too minimalistic, but versatile enough, they use sustainable materials and they provide Fair Trade working conditions, and most of their items are vegan! They are perfect!

women, men | clothing, accessories | $

Kowtow sustainable fashion brand


Kowtow is one of the more high-end ethical and sustainable fashion brands which you absolutely need to keep an eye on in 2019. Everything they make is on point and extremely stylish!

women, men | clothing, swimwear, accessories | $$$

Aday sustainable fashion brand


The clothes made by ADAY are technical, seasonless, and sustainable. They are also versatile and beautiful if you ask me.
women | clothing, activewear, swimwear, accessories | $$$

Organica Basics sustainable underwear brand

Organic Basics

Organic Basics make consciously created everyday essentials that are designed to last using organic cotton and recycled materials.
women, men | underwear, activewear | $$

YW PEI sustainable, vegan bag brand


JW PEI sells stunning, high-quality, ethically-made vegan bags. They are also striving to use as much recycled material as possible.
women | bags | $$$ | vegan

The Nude Label sustainable, ethical underwear

The Nude Label

The Nude Label is an ethical underwear brand making comfortable, soft, organic cotton essentials in Spain.
women, men | underwear | $$

Samara sustainable, vegan bag brand


Looking for small, minimalist, vegan purses and wallets? Samara has a couple of cute options for you!
women | bags, shoes | $$$ | vegan

Vetta Capsule sustainable fashion brand


VETTA designs versatile and sustainable wardrobe essentials and 5-piece capsule collections that can create 30 different outfits.

women | clothing | $$

Well Made Clothes sustainable fashion

Well Made Clothes

The Australian retailer, Well Made Clothes, lets you shop according to your values. Sustainable, fair, transparent, minimal waste, vegan, local, handcrafted, gender equality. Which one is the most important to you?

women | clothing, activewear, swimwear, sleepwear, bags, shoes, accessories | $$

Cortana sustainable fashion brand


What to expect from Cortana? Sustainable collections with a timeless spirit made from natural fabrics. Simple and elegant!

women | clothing, accessories, wedding | $$$$

Fashionkind sustainable fashion brands


Fashionkind is a consciously curated online retail store that sells products from the hottest ethical and sustainable luxury fashion designers and brands you must follow in 2019.

women | clothing, swimwear, accessories | $$$$

Angela Roi sustainable vegan bags

Angela Roi

“You don’t have to harm animals to have great fashion anymore.” – Says Angela Roi, and she totally proves her point with her classy, minimalist, vegan bags.

women | bags | $$$ | vegan

New Classics sustainable fashion brands

New Classics

New Classics is a Canadian online retail store that sells sustainable clothing, shoes, accessories and home objects from the best ethical fashion brands that you need to know in 2019.

women | clothing, shoes, underwear, swimwear, accessories | $$$

Noyoco sustainable fashion brand


Noyoco is a Parisian eco brand that makes new clothes every week in upcycled, organic, low-impact fabrics & limited editions. Sustainable meets cool.

women, men | clothing | $$

TWOOBS sustainable, vegan footwear brand


TWOOBS is a totally awesome, completely comfy, animal-friendly footwear brand. They look so cool, aren’t they?

women | shoes, bags, accessories | $$ | vegan